Advertising with us

Our goal is to partner with companies to create great local advertising that readers actually want to see and engage with.

We work with our advertisers to craft campaigns that are effective at reaching a large, local audience and achieving their marketing goals. Informative, native advertising is what we do best.

Local advertising works with us works because:

It's relevant

Communicate a value proposition that is genuinely of interest to local readers.

It's actionable

Give highly-engaged viewers a way to purchase, sign-up or learn more.

It's authentic

We help emphasize your community connection and communicate one a personal, native level.

It's brief

People value their time, so we help you get your message across in a concise, reader-friendly format.

Our Readers

Post City’s eight magazines are delivered every month straight into the mailboxes of Toronto’s most sought-after markets. Simply put, our readers have real purchasing power.

With above average incomes, our readers enjoy lifestyles with above average tastes and consume a wide range of products and services. Your advertising will reach people with money to spend. Each month 170,000 copies of the magazine are delivered to the exclusive enclaves of Forest Hill, The Bridle Path, Rosedale, Yorkville, The Annex, Lawrence Park, Leaside, Thornhill and Richmond Hill. These affluent and well-educated readers look forward to receiving their copy of the Post, which is filled with local news and information not available anywhere else.

Quick Facts

8 of the top 10 neighbourhoods with the highest average net worth in Ontario are located within our coverage areas.

74% of our readers own their home

68% have children in the household

$253,957 Average household income

Highest Average Net Worth in Ontario

  1. $3,454,841 - M4N (Lawrence Park, covered by the North Toronto Post)
  2. $3,375,602 - M2P (Hogg's Hollow, covered by the Bayview Post)
  3. $3,303,402 - M2L (York Mills, covered by the Bayview Post)
  4. $2,965,629 - M4W (Rosedale, covered by the North Toronto Post)
  5. $2,188,629 - M5P (Forest Hill, covered by the Village Post)
  6. $1,961,360 - L0J (Kleinberg)
  7. $1,932,023 - M3B (Bridle Path, covered by the Bayview Post)
  8. $1,860,621 - L7B (King City)
  9. $1,825,568 - M4V (Forest Hill, covered by the Village Post)
  10. $1,793,607 - M5N (Lytton Park, covered by the Village Post)

Source: Environics Analytics. Data grouped by FSA.

Distribution & Coverage


North Toronto & Village condos

The Midtown Post is delivered to condos* in Forest Hill, Yorkville, and North Toronto.

Boxes and racks

In addition to home delivery, our unique boxes and racks are filled with 8,000 copies every month at our neighbourhoods’ busiest retailers and intersections.

Ready to talk to us?

You can also call us at 416-250-7979

* Condos we deliver to...

  • The Prince Arthur, 38 Avenue Rd
  • Residences at Hazelton Lanes, 55A Avenue Rd
  • The Residences of 77 Avenue Road, 77 Avenue Rd
  • 99 Avenue Road Private Residences, 99 Avenue Rd
  • The Lonsdale, 619 Avenue Rd
  • No. 10 Bellair, 10 Bellair St
  • The Benvenuto, 1 Benvenuto Place
  • The Berwick Condos, 60 Berwick Ave
  • 1 Bloor East, 1 Bloor St E
  • Minto Yorkville Park, 88 Cumberland St
  • Renaissance Court Residences, 164 Cumberland St
  • Renaissance Plaza, 175 Cumberland St
  • The Yorkville, 32 Davenport Rd
  • The Florian, 88 Davenport Rd
  • One8one Davenport, 181 Davenport Rd
  • The Creed Building, 295 Davenport Rd
  • Deer Park Residences, 1 Deer Park Cres
  • The St. Clair, 10 Delisle Ave
  • 33 Delisle Avenue Condos, 33 Delisle Ave
  • The Carlyle, 55 Delisle Ave
  • The Madison at Yonge & Eglinton, 89 Dunfield Rd
  • SoHo Lofts on Eglinton, 188 Eglinton Ave E
  • Hazelton Lanes, 18A Hazelton Ave
  • 40 Hazelton Condos, 40 Hazelton Ave
  • Number Nine Jackes, 9 Jackes Ave
  • The Madison at Yonge & Eglinton, 98 Lillian St
  • Macpherson Church Lofts, 12 Macpherson Ave
  • McMurrich Residences, 77 Mcmurrich St
  • Chateau Royal, 650 Mount Pleasant Rd
  • The Perry, 128 Pears Ave
  • 142 Pears Ave Condos, 142 Pears Ave
  • 83 Redpath Residences, 83 Redpath Ave
  • Minto 30 Roe, 30 Roehampton Ave
  • E2 Condo, 41 Roehampton Ave
  • The Rosehill, 70 Rosehill Ave
  • The Villas at 18 Yorkville, 21 Scollard St
  • Four Seasons Residences, 55 Scollard St
  • Scrivener Court, 5 Scrivener Sq
  • Thornwood One (Scrivener Sq), 20 Scrivener Sq
  • Thornwood II (Scrivener Sq), 25 Scrivener Sq
  • Park Avenue Residences, 48 St. Clair Ave W
  • Granite Place, 61 St. Clair Ave W
  • Granite Place, 63 St. Clair Ave W
  • Imperial Plaza, 111 St. Clair Ave W
  • The Avenue, 155 St. Clair Ave W
  • Residences of 900 Yonge, 900 Yonge St
  • The Ramsden, 98, Yonge St
  • The Ports, 1177 Yonge St
  • MYC, 1815 Yonge St
  • Minto Quantum Tower South, 2181 Yonge St
  • Minto Quantum Tower North, 2191 Yonge St
  • 18 Yorkville, 18 Yorkville Ave
  • Four Seasons Residences, 50 Yorkville Ave
  • Residences of 80 Yorkville, 80 Yorkville Ave
  • Residences of 100 Yorkville, 100 Yorkville Ave
  • The Hazelton, 118 Yorkville Av