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Our goal is to create a marketing campaign for your brand, not just an online ad. 

Imagine you’re driving down the highway and you see a billboard for a soft drink; then you hear a radio spot for the same drink;  and finally, you see a branded pop machine at a highway rest stop, and you purchase that drink.  Each individual element helped to build awareness, however it’s the sum of these parts that creates an effective campaign and drives customer engagement.

So, when a reader is scrolling through some of the great content on (“driving down the highway”), they see a digital display ad for a new business or event (the “billboard”); then they come across a Sponsored Article or Video post (the “radio ad”); and finally, they see an Instagram Post (the “pop machine”) that encourages them to connect with your business and, ideally, make a purchase.  

And that’s how it works. Affordable and creative packages that combine our most popular digital advertising options, to create a multi-channel campaign that’s effective, flexible and easy to execute. Whatever your marketing goals, we have a solution.

Simply select one option from column A and one from column B below, to build a package that meets your needs.

Not sure which options to choose? Want them all? No problem, we will create a custom package that’s right for you.

Column A

Sponsored Content

A full article focussing on your specialties or an aspect of your industry.


They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Then video is worth millions.

Column B

Digital Display Ad

Fun and effective ways of communicating your message.

Instagram Contests

Running a contest via social media is an effective way to build an audience and engage with customers.

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